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Beasy Jones

“Beasy” Jones is an American film cinematographer, music director and editor. Beasy completed the films Weight, Detention Day, and Circumstances in 2017. He is currently in the process of editing a film, Child Support, which is scheduled to release in 2019. Beasy has directed over 50 music videos in the city of Detroit. Find all of Beasy’s film and music information on IMDB and YouTube.

Jeanne Bieri

Jeanne Bieri is a 78-year-old painting and fiber artist. She discovered painting when she was 30’s and fiber 10 years later. She is passionate about history, especially because her dad used to be a pilot for US army. She wants to create a link with the past. That is why she uses photos for her paintings. She wants them to look like real photos. She also works with material and old fabric that she reconstitute as piece of art (blankets of army or quilts). 

Dave Vessella

Dave Vessella is a trumpet player, vocalist, composer and arranger; His music draws influence from jazz, blues, funk, R&B/soul, and electronic music- some of his greatest influences are Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Lee Morgan, Muddy Waters, B.B. King, D'Angelo, and Daft Punk. Dave studied improvisation, arranging, and composition with Russ Miller, Chris Collins, Walter White, Dwight Adams, Scott Hall and a host of other great musicians from Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Dave continues to perform, teach, and write for groups all around metro Detroit.

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