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Noah Deleon

Creo tranlates in Latin to "I make or to make." For more than three years, the brand has been making unique handbags and apparel. The Creo by Keca brand is centered on creativity and expression of style. They use premium textiles and mix them with everyday fabrics like denim and knit. With this concept, their urban +luxe collection was inspired. Creo by Keca represents a lifetime of skillsets from designing, tailoring, automotive and apparel production, along with specialty sewing like bridal. The combination of these skills became the pillar of their brand.

Detroit Sound Conservancy 

Detroit Sound Conservancy is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit  that Supports the City of Detroit’s sonic heritage through outreach, preservation, education, storytelling, curation, and innovation. In it’s five year history, Detroit Sound Conservancy has remained dedicated to partnerships and programs that preserve Detroit’s musical legacies.

Tableau Cadre 

Tableau Cadre Movement Ensemble is a group of multidisciplinary performers whose background, training, and experience allow them to share a common bond of performing arts. Tableau Cadre has a unique and diverse collaboration that presents a spectacle of traditional movements and cultural fusion through dance entertainment and educational workshops. They are comprised of 11 performing artist whose talents range from belly dance and folkloric dance forms, to fire performance and theatrics. Tableau Cadre was previously featured on MetroArts during season 4.

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