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Creo by Keca 

Creo tranlates in Latin to "I make or to make." For more than three years, the brand has been making unique handbags and apparel. The Creo by Keca brand is centered on creativity and expression of style. They use premium textiles and mix them with everyday fabrics like denim and knit. With this concept, their urban +luxe collection was inspired. Creo by Keca represents a lifetime of skillsets from designing, tailoring, automotive and apparel production, along with specialty sewing like bridal. The combination of these skills became the pillar of their brand.

James Homer Brown

James Homer Brown started painting when he was 10. He has a long career behind him. He became the first ever “Artist of the Month” based on three paintings in the “Broken Spokes” colorful abstract series. In 1995, he opened his studio “James Homer Brown Studios”. In, 2006, He participated in mural projects for a Troy Public School location.  He also created a 9-foot tall painting titled “The Visitor” for the project “Art Unhinged”. He has been a guest artist in different studios in the area and received many awards.


Now, James Homer Brown sells prints, card online, t-shirt of his paintings. He is also a resident artist of the Gallery 822 in Royal Oak.

Ryan Allen and His Extra Arms 

Ryan Allen & His Extra Arms is Introspective, energetic, and heartfelt power pop.  It is the solo project of Ryan Allen, current member of Destroy This Place, and former member of Thunderbirds Are Now!, Friendly Foes and Red Shirt Brigade. Ryan has been plays guitars and write songs and has been doing so a long time. There is a whole bunch of records in existence that he’s written or played on but nothing quite as personal for him as the songs in this project. He continues to write, record and perform music with his Extra Arms!

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