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Redford Theatre

Detroit’s historic Redford Theatre was opened in 1928, offering a unique performance venue to patrons on the outskirt of Detroit’s city line. An unusual theatre, the Redford offered a unique, Japanese-inspired décor and full size stage. One of the theatre’s most interesting features is its 10 rank Barton theatre organ- one of few to survive the era. The theatre operated as a movie house until the late 1970’s, when it was sold to the Motor City Theatre Organ Society, a nonprofit chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society. Out of over 100 theatres in the Detroit area that contained a full pipe organ, the Redford is the only theatre with its original theatre organ. The theatre continues to operate today, showing 35mm and 70mm films, operating as a stage venue, and presenting organ concerts.

Nicole MacDonald

Nicole MacDonald was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1978. MacDonald is considered a community activist and artist throughout the city of Detroit. She focuses on history as well as neighborhood empowerment with her large installations on abandon buildings and warehouses. All of her work takes a deeper look at local history and gives a vibrant look to run down and abandoned buildings. MacDonald is a Kresge winner and has been featured in the Detroit News, Critical Moment, and Detroit Metro Times. MacDonald is also a graduate of the University of Michigan. You can view her installations all throughout the city of Detroit.

We Are Culture Creators

We Are Culture Creators is a media art collective and label featuring some of Detroit’s young artists. Michael Reyes, himself a poetry artist, founded it.

The collective features diversity: the artists reside in all parts of the city and the heart of the collective ranges from 17 to 22 years old. They also come with their own inspiration and culture, since they have different origins from around the world and different backgrounds.


They make their own music and range from visual to sonic. Collectively members have been featured on Vibe Magazine, OkPlayer, The Source, Metro Times, HBO, and Music on the Road.

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