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Planet Ant Theatre

Planet Ant is a haven for up-and-coming performers, doing theatre productions and comedy, and is known for being one of the longest running improv theatres in the metro area – having started in 1993. The theatre itself has been a backdrop in a few movies, and even had a show directed by Keegan-Michael Key. Recently, they have continued to expand their operations adding a second venue to better serve the comedians and actors that perform with Planet Ant.

Freddie Diaz

Freddy Diaz is a 24 year old professional muralist, born and raised in Southwest Detroit. The young artist has built himself a name around the city, and is referred to as a very talented street artist. He’s been commissioned by several local businesses, and you can spot many of his murals around the city.


Kaleido - comprised of Christina Chriss (vocals), Joey Fava (drums), Ronnie Rosolino (rhythm guitar), Cody Morales (bass) and Zach Bolling (lead guitar) - is a fresh, modern day Detroit incarnation of rock n’ roll. Their debut full-length album "EXPERIENCE" is straight, unadulterated, feel it in your soul rock with flourishes of pop, R&B, punk & funk undertones - and hooks for days.


"Trouble In Paradise", the second single, combines hard hitting 808's, pounding live drums, a bouncy rhythm, beautifully eerie vocals, soaring melodies and harmonizing guitars with a funky reggae inspired bass line. "Trouble In Paradise" blends and bends genres, creating a fresh, new sound. Their single "Die Tryin" is a rock anthem to stepping up to the plate, taking your swings – and never backing down from a challenge. The song was played on over 50 Active Rock Radio stations. Kaleido toured with Seether on their sold-out US tour, and opened for Rob Zombie in July 2017.


"Life resembles a kaleidoscope. Ever changing, intricate, and beautiful.”

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