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Fem Fatale Dance

Fem Fatale Dance Studio has been in the Detroit area since 2002 and one of the few traditional urban dance studios. Working with all ages, the studio is known for world-class choreography and its competitive spirit. While the Fem Fatale Dance studio works with highly competitive dancers, they work with students who choose to dance for recreational purposes. They encourage positivity, teamwork, self-motivation and discipline among all of their students.

Geno Harris

Geno Harris is the Director of the Poor Man's Art Collective.  The Poor Man's Art Collective is a platform for unknown and emerging artists from visual to spoken word and art in all forms to showcase their talents, also to provide support and direction in navigating the process that allows their work to be shown (heard) to an otherwise untapped community and consumer market. In 2016, Geno became the Managing Gallerist of the Carr Center Gallery on Woodward.

Mango Lane

With over 7 years of recording at home and in studio, Mango Lane's songwriting styles vary, and have lead this project to brand itself a style all its own. There is space for fashion, art, and other lifestyle influences to take part in the creative process. Transforming soulful feelings into sound waves we hope to relate to you.

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