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Tyler Ezell

Tyler Ezell, also professionally known as ‘lumen8shun’ is a lighting designer and photographer based out of Detroit. Tyler has developed a foundation of work surrounded by a common medium: light. He believes lighting has the power to alter our perception of time and space and seeks to find unique ways to capture and manipulate it. Tyler, a Detroit native, has a burning passion for the Motor City…everything from its history, to its architecture and bright future. Much of his work aims to meld his understanding of light harmoniously with the subject of Detroit; helping to tell its story and showing the world its sometimes-unforeseen beauty. Tyler has worked on a wide variety of projects, from concerts and music festivals to theatrical productions, temporary art installations and permanent architectural lighting installations.

Ramon Lavarro Jordan

Ramon Lavarro Jordan is a working artist in Detroit. Jordan paints both commissioned works for private individuals as well as personal multi-element projects using such supplies as metal, fiberglass and instruments strings. Art has been Jordan’s passion since a young age where he began drawing inspiration from his dreams, emotions and worldly observations.

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke

Having worked together since 2012, Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke have crafted powerful acoustic anthems which have had success locally and around the world. Their music is influenced by many diverse instruments and genres and has won them two Detroit Music Awards in the Outstanding World Songwriters category. Touching on themes such as love, peace and struggle, the duo has remained strong in their ability to uplift and promote social justice and diversity. Their appearance at the World Music Festival – Concert of Colors is where they were presented with the 2015 Michigan Governor's Award for Artistic Excellence. They are still actively involved around Michigan, performing across the state.

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