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Nancy Florkowski

Nancy Florkowski is an accomplished actress, director, instructor, and the Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Motor City Youth Theatre, founded in 1990. Having studied abroad in England and Russia has expanded her perspective on learning and teaching. Her main focus at MCYT is not just helping children become better actors, but better human beings, stressing social integration over technique. Currently, Florkowski has returned to Wayne State University to pursue another degree. 

Megan Parry

Megan Parry is a painter and mural artist whose work is featured both locally and nationally. Parry's work, and the therapeutic nature of her art, is most prominently displayed at Detroit-area hospitals, including Detroit Receiving Hospital, Henry Ford Hospital and Children's Hospital of Michigan. Parry's career expands more than three decades and her current interest is a fascination with the shape of coffins and what that image evokes in the human mind.


Singer songwriter Gwenation came to share her inspirational hits; Believe and Push as she reminded us to keep moving towards our dreams.

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