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Bill Harris

Writer Bill Harris  came to share his art of poetry and his love of literature and writing with metro arts studios.

Jasmine Rivera

Jasmine Rivera is a Detroit native with many talents. She is a driven filmmaker who directs,produce, and writes!
Mrs. Rivera is the recipient of the Loreen Arbus Scholarship from the New York Women in Film and Television Organization
and is a Junior Professional Media Fellow at the United Nations University. She has brought to life numerous short films
and is recognized regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Scarecrow Jones

Royce Haas is the lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter for the "dirty rock n'roll" quartet Scarecrow Jones. Nearly a decade ago, Haas left Michigan to pursue a music career that would take him to the streets of New York City -- where he performed as the one man band "Big Brother." Haas would then find himself in Nashville, where he developed his tune-crafting chops in the clubs and concert halls of the "Songwriting Capital of the World," before returning home to unleash Scarecrow Jones.

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