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Jeff Wenzel

Jeff Wenzel is the co-owner of Groove Box Studios. Recently named "best place to record your first album" by Real Detroit, Groove Box Studios motto is "bands don't pay a dime." The idea was born from Wenzel personally experiencing the pitfalls of the music industry with his band The Sugar People, and he aims to give up-and-coming bands needed support without any of the industry shortcomings. Groove Box Studios is currently expanding to Chicago, so be on the lookout for Groove Box backed bands in 2013.  

Sidney Smith

Local comedian, producer and show booker at The East Side Party. Sidney is best known for helping to bring Detroit to the forefront of comedy with his unique comedic style.

Citizen Smile

Citizen Smile is an independent indie pop rock band formed by childhood friends, James Brown and Kory Kopchick. After the two attempted a number of projects, Citizen Smile officially took shape in 2005. Brown's hook-heavy vocal melodies combine with the atmospheric guitar playing of Kopchick and the steady rhythms of drummer Will Shattuck and bassist Ricky Ruggero create songs that simultaneously get back to simplistic, catchy song structure, while maintaining the spirit of some of today's best Detroit rock & roll. Citizen Smile's discography includes three EPs (Seasons EP 2005, Oh, Okay 2008, and Keepsakes 2010) as well as a self-titled full-length in 2009.

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