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Sin Hielo

Latin/Jazz/Rock duo consisting of both guitarist Sean Blackman and Wayne Gerard. The two unique sounds of an acoustic and the electric guitars blend together for a unique sound of the talented musicians. Their popularity reaches near and far receiving scores of awards and praise. Composing their one of a kind sounds directly out Detroit!

Noah Stephens

Photographer Noah Stephens gained a  reputation around the Metro Detroit area for his lead in a project he started called, "The People of Detroit' exposing the positive side of the city and the people in our city. His work reaches far beyond as far as China! The gifted Mr. Stephens is always working on projects relating to the city and is all about the promoting the city through his camera lens. to corporate powerhouses -- to design unique works of art that are significant to their patrons.
The Detroit Design Center is located on Michigan Avenue in Southwest Detroit and is available for consultations and tours upon request.

Emily Rose

Emily Rose is a multi-talented performer and the co-owner of The Social Ballroom in Hazel Park. Even though partnership dancing is at the core of Ms. Rose’s business, she doesn't manage a typical dance studio. The Social Ballroom is a community center that caters to groups looking for a space for social dancing, residents looking for a banquet area, fitness instructors seeking a location for classes, bands looking for a venue to play a gig or locals looking to set up a trade show. This summer Emily and her partner, Jim Burns, are kick-starting a program in Detroit to get kids involved in dance.

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