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Naima Mora

Naima Mora is the winner of cycle four of America's Next Top Model and spokesperson for the Ballet Renaissance Alumni Association. Mora is a Detroit native and year 2000 alum of Ballet Renaissance. She flew in from fashion week in New York City to emcee the Ballet Renaissance 2013 Alumni Day at the Detroit Opera House. Mora currently resides in Los Angeles and is focusing her efforts of her band, Galaxy of Tar.

Erik Nordin

Erik Nordin is an artist, designer and co-owner of The Detroit Design Center. Since 2000, The Detroit Design Center has become emblematic of the creative boom happening in the Motor City. Working with wood, steel and glass…The Detroit Design Center says its purpose is to create "objects for spaces," meeting one-on-one with clients -- ranging from local residents to corporate powerhouses -- to design unique works of art that are significant to their patrons.
The Detroit Design Center is located on Michigan Avenue in Southwest Detroit and is available for consultations and tours upon request.


P.L. became a 5-time 106th and Park "Freestyle Friday" champion at just seventeen-years-old.  He's shared the stage and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry ranging from Rick Ross to Gucci Mane to D12.  P.L. won T-Pain's "Motivated" contest and had nearly 150,000 YouTube views on the promotional video for his entry. P.L’s latest single is "Me and My D.J," currently on the radio.  With smooth delivery, clever rhymes and a dogged work ethic, P.L.'s stardom will only get bigger and brighter.

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