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Derek Weaver & Sintax

Principal and Managing Director at "4731" | Founder at Grand River Creative Corridor.

4731 is an arts incubator, a place where creative people come together to share ideas, enjoy camaraderie and advance their art. We are dedicated to a philosophy that promotes mutual respect and inclusion, and exploits the notion that diversity of thought, of background and of preference is our greatest asset.

We are a group of creatives, working to support ourselves through our craft. We are artists, photographers, wedding planners, designers, promoters, and entrepreneurs. We are part of a building that has held meetings, weddings, conferences, cocktail parties, cd release parties, dinners and exhibitions. And through it all, we've managed to survive by our wits. Come down and see what we've accomplished, and become a part of something that is becoming bigger than all of us. . .

A (Habeas) Chorus Line

Musical Parody Troupe

A (Habeas) Chorus Line™ was formed in 1992 for what we thought was a one-time engagement for the Detroit chapter of the Federal Bar Association. Since then we have performed at venues throughout Michigan and around the country.
While the prospect of lawyers singing may strike some as incongruous (good lawyer word), AHCL has proven to audiences that satire is not necessarily what closes on Saturday night. From local issues to national and international events, from judges to lawyers to politicians to celebrities, AHCL is an equal-opportunity lampooner.

Our material includes parodies of existing songs as well as original numbers. We parody lots of show tunes and pop numbers.

We can tailor our material for our audience. While we have played for many bar associations and lawyer groups, we also frequently play for non-lawyer audiences. We've played for metal finishers and dentists, chambers of commerce and synagogues, medical charity events and Masonic associations. You certainly don't have to be a lawyer to "get it."

Brittany Myree

Brittany C. Myree is a native Detroiter, who has been singing since she was about four years old. She started in the youth choir at her church and she later became a part of Mosaic Youth Theater of Detroit. At 11 years old, she joined the ensemble in 1998, she was their youngest member at the time, and stayed until 2004. This is where she learned many musical techniques such as harmonizing, writing music and performing in front of large crowds with confidence. She has performed many times for sold out crowds by singing with the mass choir and the quartet who paid her for each performance. Mosaic Youth Theater also allowed her to travel out of the country to Senegal, Africa and she was able to perform there as well. She has been a part of a few R&B singing groups who have performed in many venues in Detroit, but Brittany has always desired to be a solo artist. Brittany has won several local contests with her singing. She is presently in college studying psychology in hopes of counseling young children. This has always been Brittany's Dream. She is a natural born performer with the grace and desire to always be at her best, with hopes of being just as great as her predecessors.

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