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Hilima Cassells

A multi-faceted visual artist, Halima Cassells currently focuses on painting, mixed-media creation, and mural making with community. A native-Detroiter, Cassells has returned after a 10-year stint on the East coast, where she worked as a mural educator with students at all grade levels in several NYC public schools, to contribute her talent and vision in the place of her birth.  Through the vehicle of the Detroit Mural Factory, which she established in 2009, Cassells challenges perceptions, connects artists, youth, and community, and is altering the landscape via public art.  The DMF has employed 20 professional artists, provided training and stipends for youth artists, while engaging over 600 community members in creating public art to date.

M-G Kelly


Aggro or Die!

Aggro or Die! began in the late summer of 2005. With Jae Voltage on guitar, Aggro Eddie on drums, Eric Crouse on bass and Matt Bruce on vocals and guitar. Aggro began playing shows that same year. The band had many line up changes during its first few years as a band. The band independently released "Coming out alive" a 7 inch in the fall of 2007. And focused on touring around the Midwest and East Coast.
In 2011 Aggro or Die! decided to hit the grind stone and finished what
they set out to do from the very beginning. With album in hand Aggro teamed up with Overdose on Records to release they're debut full length album entitled "Summer Dies". Aggro or Die! has been hailed as the ultimate band to have blasting your ear drums while coming up to a perfect front side grind.


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