John Cundy

John Cundy has been a design sculptor with GM for over 20 years. John graduated from the Center for Creative Studies (now the College for Creative Studies) in 1987 and was immediately hired by a leader of design at the GM Advanced Concept Center in California to sculpt clay car models. After a short stint working for GM California and then several years with Chrysler Corporation, he returned to the Detroit area as a senior sculptor. In addition to sculpting cars, John also has several other inventions and patents including Trash Ease which can be found in major big box stores.

Jacob Nordin
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Jacob Nordin is a glass-artist and has learned about glass and business from his parents, Michelle Plucinsky and Chris Nordin, who are also established glass artists. Jacob has attended art school and traveled internationally. He has spent the last three years working for a glass company in Pittsburg, but because of COVID he has returned home and has become a member of the Glass Academy with his family. Jacob is the hot shop manager at the Glass Academy; he facilitates the communication between the gallery and the hot shop and with customers getting custom work and runs the glassblowing team.

Raye Williams
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Mixing the nostalgia of the late 80’s / early 90’s power pop with a Nashville songwriter flare, Raye Williams is bringing back the genre of Diva Pop.  Going into 2020, it was announced that Raye had partnered with TIDAL, the only artist-owned global streaming service, spear-headed by Jay-Z. TIDAL revealed that Raye was 1 of 5 artists chosen to take part in a new $1 million endowment program to support emerging artists, called TIDAL Unplugged and kicking off in Detroit. This opportunity has put Raye in a spotlight like never before with new TIDAL exclusive music, music videos, and even a documentary. Her first single, “Just Take My Money” made its debut in February 2020.