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Tylonn J. Sawyer
Tylonn J. Sawyer

Tylonn J. Sawyer is a born and raised Detroit artist. Sawyer’s work shows themes of investigations of race and history in popular culture. His work has been included in group as well as solo exhibits all over the United States as well as in Italy. A professor at the College for Creative Studies and a youth program producer at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Sawyer educates those through art. For more information, check out his website:

Actor/Theatre Retrospective
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Join us as we look back at some of our favorite actors in our Season 10 Retrospective!


Known for his unique sound, Esequiel is a rising Latin trap and reggaeton artist from Detroit, Michigan. With the release of his debut album ‘2112’ in 2020, Esequiel has launched himself into the newest wave of urban singers in the Hispanic community, striving to bridge the 

gap between hip hop and Latin music. From multiple singles to a performance at the NBA All-Star Weekend, Esequiel is quickly climbing the charts and can be found performing at venues all across the Metro-Detroit area.

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